A Short History of the Township of Tyldesley



By Sir C. H. SHAKERLEY, Bt., D.L.

I have been requested by the Tyldesley Urban District Council to write a foreword to Mr. Lunn's historical account of the Township of Tyldesley-cum-Shakerley.

Many local histories are, except perhaps to antiquarians, somewhat heavy reading; but I am sure every reader will find these pages of absorbing interest. To me, at least, this is a fascinating account of the development and continuity of English Civic life from the earliest days. I am glad to see that though, in the Middle Ages, some of my ancestors were not of exemplary character; their contemporaries, the Tyldesleys, were even wilder !

I congratulate the civic authorities of Tyldesley on a most original enterprise; and also Mr. John Lunn, on a scholarly and interesting History, which shows the marks of many hours of devoted research.

Cyril H. Shakerley.