Thurstan Tyldesley -1553

Wardley HallThurstan was the Master Forester of Amounderness and lived at Wardley Hall and Myerscough Lodge. As well as being mediller to Lord Derby he held a number of other posts. He was one of 12 feoffees vested with the estates of Manchester Free School in 1524, and in 1547 he was summoned to parliament as a knight of the shire.

Thurstan Tyldesley was married twice - first to Parnell Shakerley, daughter of Geoffrey Shakerley and second to Jane Longton, daughter of Ralph Longton. By the first marriage he had two children:

  • Thomas Tyldesley
  • Alice

and by the second he had four:

Thurstan Tyldesley died in 1553, leaving a lengthy will:

IN the name &c. I Thurstan Tyldisley of Wordly in the countie of Lane esquire do make my will and testamet the first day of September in ye first yere of ye raigne of or sovaigne lord King Edward ye sixt in man and forme ensuyng ffirst I bequeth my soule unto Almightie God my bodie to be buryed in Eccles Church if I die wthin ye countie of Lanc at ye hedd wheras Charles Davenport lieth and I will yy a chapell of my guds and chatteles and of thissues and pfitts of my said farmes of Myrescoche Sawerbie Gosenarghe and Pulton shalbe made whereas ye bodies of me and the said Charlis shall remene when ye king or sovaigne lord or any oth shall bulde the chancill of ye said church of Eccles if in my lif tyme I do not make ye said chappell Also I will yt Jane nowe my wif shall have duryng hir lif ye lodge in Myerscoghe to dwell in duryng hir pleasure if myne interest yein endure so long wth all man of my implements of houshold ye at this daye remenyng and ioestemete of xvj kyne and ye calfes yerely ye and ioiestment for iiij horses ye yerely and ye crope of iiij acres of haie ground such as she will chuse and ye goyng and ioestment of so many swyne as she will kepe ye without anything yelding or painge yefore and further I geve &c. to hir ye third pte of all ye residue of all my beddinge hangings contpoynte and shete and all othe my implemets of housholde at Wordley or els where remenyng my plate excepted And I desire hir to leve at ye leaste half of so much stufe as I shall geve hir or ye value yeof afte her decease to Edward Tuldisley my sone and heire if he ove live hir And I geve to hir my standinge coppe of silv wth ye cov my best salte wth ye cov and my white pece of silve and xiij of my best silv spones wth the litill clocke acrudall wth all my chapell stuf at Myrescoghe wth a like desire ye she shall leave ye half or ye value of ye half to Edward Tildisley And I bequeth to my said wif all my titill ye I have in ye tithes of Layrbreeke Litill Ecclisten ye Wale Bethum Hall and Grenall and I desire my said wif to leave ye whole titill yeof to my said sone Edward afte hir deithe Also I geve &c. to my sone Thoms Tildesley all my chapell stuf at Wordley a goblit of silv wth a cov about wth scripture for ane heire lome one dosin of new spones all my formes borde coffars bed stockes and also such pte of my bedding and ye residue of my said implemetf of houshold stuf remenyng at Wordly And it is my will ye my said sone Thoms afte his death leve such goode or ye value yeof as he shall hapen to have by force of this my will to him yt shall be his heire and so to remene from heres to heres so long as it shall please God and yt my heire shalbe of habilitie and power to leave such goods in forme abovesaid And further I geve &c. to my said sone Thoms all my intrest I have in ye shepe heys of Pilkington and all ye tithe of Tildisley afte my wifff death or aft yt she shall not dwell at Wordley and so long as she dwellith at Wordley I geve &c. to her my titill I have in ye same tithe of Tildisley and I will yt my sevunte Willm Worsley shall have of thissues and pfitts of my farme of Bolton yerely duryng his lif xls if myne intrest indure solong I bequeth to ye said Willm Worsley yt he shall have ye tenemet in Swinton called Barnes tenemet and also ye tenemet in Hawghton yt Wm Orphar dwellith in imediately aftar ye decease of ye said Willm Orphar paying to me and my heires ye old accostomed rent and to me and my heires for ye fyne of ye said Willm Orphans tenement xls and to ye execute of ye said Willm Orphar liijs iiijd in iij yeres for a new house yt ye said Wiftm did buyld yeapon I will yt ye said Wiftm Worsley shall have both ye said tenemet for terme of his lif he doyng such sarvice as other tents do and aft his death I will yt his wif shall have ye said ij tenemet^ during hir lif and so long as she kepith hir widow and is of onest covsation of hir bodie and I will yt my svant Myles Seddon shall have yerely duryng his lif off thissues and pfitts of my said farmes of Meyrescoghe Sauarbie Gosenarghe and Pulton xxvjs viijd beside such yerely pfitts as he ye said Myles shall receve by force of a lease to hym made by my cosin Andrew Barton and me of ye tithe of Litill Leyver in Bolton pishe wch I thinke is clerely and yerely worth to him xls and I will y* Thorns Gelibrond have yerely duryng his lif of thissues of my farme of Mayrescogh &c. xxvjs viijd for such ?vice as he hath done to me, and the said Thorns shuld have had more yerely tynn [?] but y* I thinke yt he had more yerely pfite elsewhere and ptly by me and for my sake Also I will y1 xxli be taken by my execute of the issues &c. of my farmes of Myrescogh &c. to be distributed among oth9 my sv"nts not havyng nori oth9 thing by force of this will and he y* hath desvid most to have most by yr discrecions Also I will y* Wittm Walton and Rondull Bordman shall have such 'Svicis officis and romes as ye have usid to have of me ye doyng yr duties and sar-vicis as ye used to do for me and as I trust ye will do for me Also I bequeth to evy of my execute and sup visors liijs iiijd and my desire is y* y9 shalbe no discord among my executors about my gud(> but y* ye will confcrme them to quietnes and to be ordred by ye supvisors if such contravarsic shuld so happen for I wold rath9 wishe y* my gud(> were brent and consumyde wth fire or any such contravcie shuld continue amongv> them aboute my gude or about ye playne understanding of this my will and forsomuch as cvjH xvrjs iiijd was behind and unpayd unto Ric Breerton my sone in law yc daye of ye deathe of my soninlaw ov and beside xxu to be payd unto hym duryng his father's lif I will y1 xxH yerely shall [be] levied of my said farmes of Myrescoghe &c. untill ccm9ks shall [be] levied unto Dorithic dough? of me ye said Thurstane1 Parre shall my lif tyme do not marie ye said Dorathie wch Ric Breerton died ye xxiij daye of August last past Also I will jrt my cosin Thurstan Parre shall have yercly during his lif xxs also I will yt my cosin George Tildisley theld9 shall have yerely duryng his lif xxs Also I bequeth y* [? to] my cosen Rofrt Worslci ye young1 ye some of x m9ks and notwithstanding y1 my sone in lawe Sr Rofct Worsle knight is m9ried to M9gerit Bethum his wif yet levyng yet I remyt and pdon to him vijn xs apon condicion y* he geve yerly unto my dough? Alis his wif vu or more for hir exhibicion duryng hir absens from him or apon condicion yt he take his said wif into his company and in-treat hir as he ought to do And forth in dischardg of my cosience I will y* my execute shall take [from] thissues of my said farmes of Meyrescogh &c. ye some of xxiij11 and ye same to [be] bestowed apon hieghewayes and oth9 ded(> of charitie for ye soule of John Garnet deceased of whose gud^ I have as much as ye same doth amount unto and more Also I bequeth toward e ye byulding of ye church of Eccles if it be not bylt in my lif and a rode seller made ye some of ten m9ks And whereas my son in law Rauf Standishe esquire deceasid I do think yfc by ye lawes of ye realme yfc my dough? Marie who he exposid [espoused] ought to be mynystr of his gude and forsomuch as ctene of his plate remenyg in ye custo-die of my cosin Edward Standish his broth9 amoutig to ye value of xx m9ks and ye timbr and brike at Standishe belonging to hir yet my desire is y1 she shall not cleym any pte yr of and furth9 I will y* he shall have ye gilt goblet wth ye cov and forsomuch as I do verily thinke y* yr was nev carnall knolcdge bctwene ye said Rauf and my said doughter Marie as well by yr tend9 ycres and y* ye nev laye togeth9 and y* I do think y* ye said Edward and she myght be lawfully m9yed togeth9 by ye lawes of God wherein I have askid cousill gret lernid men who thinke ye same yfore I geve my gudwill of ye said m9yage if ye said Edward and Marie can be agreable to ye same when he and hir be of thage of xix yeres or xxth ould for I wold rath9 wishe y* she shuld be married to him yen to any oth9 Also I bequeth to my son in law Ric Massie esquire a gilt goblit wthout a cov Also I bequeth to George Ent-wisill who hath m9yed my wiffy dought my litill goblit of silv Also I will y* my execute [receive] ye residue of ye pfitt^ of my said farme of Pulton and pay ye said clere yerely value to Hugh Tildisley George T. Gilbart T. Thorns T. and James T. sones unto my sone Thorns T. for vij yeres after my decease and equally devid ye same amongest them I geve &c. to my said son Thorns T. and to my cosen Thurstan T. his sone my whole interest in my said farme of Pulton and I will yfc my broth9 Sr Ric T. shall have yerely aft9 my decese an anuytie of iiij m9ke duryng his lif of ye issues and pfitt^ of my said farmes of Merescoghe &c. in recopence of his anuytie or lands geven to him for terme of his lif for ye said Sr Ric was a muncke at ye Chart house at Shine And where I have made an estate of landc unto Jane now my wif of my cheif place of Wordley wth all my demene except ye Foxholes and the tefinte of Gilis Moreton and [a] ctene anuyttie of xxixs goyng fourth of my said land^ unto Jane now my said wif wch anuytie wth my chefe house wfc all my demene land(> was of old rent but xijH and now it is worth xxv11 and because I wold ye said Jane buried wth me where I die if she ov* live me y9fore I made cheif house wth as much of my demene land(> as I can to hir for terme of hir lif wthout impediment of wast and if she kepe house at Wordley aft9 my deith yen it is my mind yt as many of Thorns Tildisleyes children as be under ye age of xij yeres old y* my said wif shall bord them for xxvjs viijd apece and himself and his wif for v m9k(> apece and as many of his servnt^ as he will have for xls apece and when any of his children shalbe of thage of xij yeres then to paie xls apece alwayes pvided y* ye said Jane my wif shall have ye libertie to chuse whether she will bord them or any of them f or no and if so be yt ye said Jane bord them then it is my mynd and desire y* ye said Thorns T. shall set ye said Foxholes and ye tenemet of Giles for xxixs in ye yere And where I have made an astate of.lande to Edward T. my son of ye tennte of Ric Dane-port James Money and Adam Mather about ye value of x m9k^> it is ray will y* ye said Edward shall take ye rents yrof and suffer the to do such sVice unto ye said Thorns Tildesley as ye have byn aceustomyd to do to me and y* he shall not put them furth of yr holdings Also it is my will y* Wiftm Shak9ley shall have an afiuyte of foure m9ke by me heretofore geven to him for terme of his lif Also it is my will y* my said son Thorns T. and his heres shall have all ye residue of all my land(> tenemets rente revsions and svicis beyng of myn inheritaunce &c according to my old evy-denc^ for ev And where I have byn a grait mediller of a long space y* is to saie by y-e space of xxxj yeres and more under my lord and mr Edward erle of Derbie my lord his fath9 and my ladie his moth9 whose soules God pdon and bene ^eceved [sic] of y9 landf for ye most pte by ye same space wherefore in declaracion of ye truth I take it apon my death and consciens and as I will answere before God y* wittyngly in all yfc space y9 is nothing cofnen unto my hand(> or possesson of y9 land^ rent^ fynes or engresions re¬ward Q or oth9 things but such as I have truly paid for and put in my bok^ of accompte wthoute fraude or coven and wthoufce cor¬rupt consciens or advantage to my self to my knoledge I geve &c. unto my sone Edward T. my whole interest &c. in Myrescoghe Soubie GoseSghe Pulton my farmes of ye tithe of Fesshewicke wth ye keping [of] Myrescoghe and Blesedale and ye offis of Mr forest of Amounderns and fees belonging to evy on of the during all my terme and interest in the Also it is my will y* my said sunes Thomas T. and Edward T. shall not take any ingression and fynes &c. but only yr rent of my teiinte in Tildesley Asley and Wordley but suffer the to inioye yr fermehouldc duryng yr liffes doyng such Svices as ye have usid to do to me and also it is my will y* my said son Thorn's shall not take any ingression &c. of any of my tennt^ in Swinton Haughton Westwood^ and Westlak? M9land Salforth Lever Bolton Kellermaugh but suffer them to inioye yr said farmes hold^ duryng yr lives And I make my wel-belovid wif Jane T. and my son Edward T. myn executors and harteley beseeche ye righte honerable Edward erle of Darbie Sr 1 Receiver. Wittm Paget lord Paget Sr Wittm Longley pson [of] Pstw^ Sr Ric Johns pson of Waryngton Sr Edmond Molineux knight Sr Ric Garrard pson of Bangor and Laurence Asshall to be sup visors and I desire my welbeloved svants Wm Warton Mylis Seddon Rondull a Bordman and my welbelovid frend Thorns Gillibrond shall instruck my said execute in my book(> of rekenyng^ and in all oth9 things yt maye touch ye true execucio of my will Also I bequeth to Jane Massie xls and to Anne Massie xiij11 vjs viijd and to M9geret Tildisley x11 toward^ yr mariage And forsomuch as I dout Sr Peres Lighe knight will move myne execute to make him assig-met or lease of my farme of Winwicke I will y* ye shall nev mak to him any assigmet or lease of my said farm but kepe it to the selves according to ye will of Gouth9 Leghe esquire Also it is my will v* if my son Thorns T. truble my said wif but [do not] suff9 hir peassablie to injoye ye lande y* I have geven to hir y* the ye said Thomas T. shall forfayt all my lands y* I purchased and suff9 Thurstan T. my cosin to en? apon ye same so y* ye said Thurstan mak non astate of ye said Thorns T. but will hould ye said land(> for his owne use and if he ye said Thurstan make any astate or suffer ye said Thorns T, to have ye said land^ I will y* ye said Edward Tildisley shall have ye said land^ to him and to his heires for ev And where I have geven &c. heretofore in this my present unto my dough? Dorathie Breerton cc m9ks it is my will furth9 yt my said doughr Dorathie shall have yerely aft9 ye decesse of Jane my wif viij11 unto such tyme as ye said Dorithie have some livyng of greter yerely value In witnes thereof &c. Witneses Sr John Atherton knight Robert Worsley Laurence Asshawe Georg Tyl-disley Thurstan Parre Thorns Bryddocke wth others Md that ye xxiiij day of June in ye sixte yere of ye reigne of our sovaigne lord Edward the sixte Thurstan Tildesley esquire acknowledgith this to be his true testamet and last will before these witneses here after followyng Sr John Atherton knight Robart Worsley Laurence Asshawe Georg Tyldisley Thurstan Parre Thorns Bryddocke wth others. A trwe inventorie of all the goodes &c. at Wordley latelie app-teyinge to Thurstan Tyldisley esquyer made the iiij daie of Julie anno Marie regine prmo and praysed by Edmunde Slade Charles Hoope Robert Edge and Wiftm Richardson ffirste in drawghte oxen xvj le prce le yocke iij11 — xxiiij11 — one bull xiij8 iiijd — in kyne xvij prce le cowe xvij9 xiiju xijs In kepinge sheepe CfjjV le shepe xvjd xiju vjs viijd — in fatte shepe xxx le shepe ijs iiijd — iiij11 xxd In lambes fyxij le lambe xijd iij11 xij3 In tithe lambes Jyij le lambe xijd iiju ijs In workhorses xj le horse xiij8 iiijd vij11 vjs viijd In calfFes xvij le calf iijs iiijd lvjs viijd One rydinge geldinge called Stoweser liij8 iiijd — ij rydinge mares iiij1* — xvj hogge vs iiij11 — xij sowes xlviij8— viij booers xxxvj8 viijd In speningc xiij xiij3 In wull xlvj stoone v8 xj!i x8 Beddinge In fether beddis xxj le peece xiij9 xd xiiij11 xj3 In mattressis xiiij le peece v8 vjd ob iiju xvij8 viijd In bol-sterris xl le peece iij8 iiijd vju xiij8 iiijd In pillowes coved with fus¬tian xvj le peece xxd xxvj8 viijd In other pillowes xxv le peece ixd xviij8 ixd In fustian blanckette iiij le peece v8 xd xxiij3 iiijd In wollen blanckett(> lxxij le pcece xxd vju In fledge blanckett^ ix le peece xijd ix8 In quiltc iij le peece ij8 xd viijs vjd In covlett^ lviij le peece iiij8 iiijd ob xij11 xiiijs ijd ob In counterpente for bed*d(> of tapstree worke v le peece xvij8 iiijd iiij11 vj8 viijd In covynge of reede seye and greene iiij le peece iiijs ijd xvj8 viijd — viij cases of canves fylled wth straw le peece xijd viij8 In the litle chamber one seller and tester of reede and greene seye wth curtens of the same xiij8 iiijd Soo-muche greene seye as dooth hange the same chamber xiij8 iiijd One standinge bedde and a trowkle bedde xxvj8 viijd — one cup-borde wth a covynge of greene sey xijd — a seller and tester of reede and greene seye wth curtens of the same in the grete chamber xxs a hoole hanginge in the same chamber of reede and greene seye liij8 iiijd— a standinge bedde wth a trowkle bed in the same cham¬ber xxvjs viijd — one cuppebord covered wth blwe xijd — a seller and tester of reede and greene sey in the chamber ov the hall wth curtens of the same xvjs — a hoole hanginge of reede and greene sey wthin the same chamber xls — a standinge bedde and a trowkle bedde in the same chamber xxs — a rounde cupborde wth a covynge tapstre work and a folden bord in the same chamber xiij8 — one seller and tester in the chamber o9 the deyhowse of reede and greene sey wth curtens of the same xs — hangings for the same chamber of reed sey xiij8 iiijd — a standinge bedde wth a trowkle bedde xxs — a cuppebord wth a covynge of seye vjd — a seller and tester of reede and greene sey in the wright? chamber wth curtens of the same vjs viijd — one seller and tester painted work in the same chamber wth hangings for the chamber of the same vs — a cuppebord wth a covynge tapstre worke in the same chamber iiijd «— a carven chiste for sheets in the same chamber xs — iij paire of beddestock? in the same chamber vs — a seller and tester painted worke in the corner chamber wth curtens reede and greene sey iiij3 — hanging? for the same chamber painted work iij3 iiijd — a stand¬inge bedde and a trowkle bedde v8-— one cuppebord iiijd — in the chamber ov the buttrie one seller and tester of painted work wth curtens reede and greene sey iijs iiijd — a hoole hanginge for the same chamber of reede and greene seye xs — ij pair of beddestock? in the same chamber ijs — a cupbord wth a covynge tapstre worke iiijd — a seller and tester in the olde chamber of painted worke wth curtens of lynnyn cloothe iijs — ij chist? bounden wth yrne in the same chamber xvs ij paire of beedestock? in the same chamber ija -— a seller and tester of dorneck in the chapell chamber wth cur¬tens of the same iijs iiijd — hanging? for the same chamber of reede and greene sey xiijs iiijd — ij paire of bedde stocks in the same chamber ijs — a cuppebord wth a coveringe tapstree work xijd — in the under pier a seller and tester reed and greene seye wth curtens of the same xvj8 — pcell of the same chamber hanged wth painted clothes xxd — iij paire of beddestock(> in the same chamber iiijs — a large chist bounden wth yrne in the same chamber vs— a cupbord in the same chamber ijd — the carvers chamber ij sellers wth testers painted worke ijs — in the same chamber iiij paire of bedstocks iiij8 — one cuppebord wth a covinge tapstre work iiijd — in the inS carvers chamber one seller wtb ij testers painted work xijd — in the same chamber iij pair of bedstock(> iij8 — in the yate howse chamber one seller and tester painted worke xxd — in the same chamber ij pair of bedstocks ijs — in the Charlis chamber one seller and tester of greene sey wth curtens blwe and reede iij8 viijd — in the same chamber ij pair of beddestocks ijs — in the meydins chamber one paire of beddestock(> and a tester lynnyn cloothe xviijd—in George Tyldisleys chamber a seller painted work and a pair of beddestock(> xviijd—in the garS chamber ij sellers and testers painted ijs — in the same chamber ij paire of beddestock^ ij8 — in the chamber in the stable ende one seller and tester painted work viijd — in the same chamber one pair of beddestock(> xijd — in the chamber ov the stable ij paire of bedstock^ ijs—in the cookes chamber and the brwers ij pair of beddestock(> ij8 — xiiij quissions vs The ?vant(> laborers beddinge vj covlett^ le preece ij8 xijs—in blanckette vj le peece xijd vjs—one bolsterre xijd—viij shetis vj8 viijd Things in the buttrie and pantrie xvj barells xd xiijs iiijd—ij hogyshedd^ ijs — xxiiij brasse chandillers le peece xijd xxiiij8 — vj drinckinge Cannes of wod xijd — iij lycqre pottes of stoone xviijd — ij smale stoone pott(> iiijd—one candilsticke at the goinge uppe into the chamber ov the hall and another at the kichyn doore viijd — one basson and ewer iijs — one voyder xxd— one pantrie knyve ijd — three doosen of trenchers of wod iijd — ij pewter basson xvjd — Plate one goblet wth a cov apointed for an heyreloome xix ounces and E> at iiijs viijd iiij11 xjs— one other litle white goblet wthoute a cover viij ounces at iiijs viijd xxxvijs iiijd — one standinge cuppe w^oute a cov xiiij ounces at iiijs viijd iij11 vs iiijd — ij gilte goblett^ w*h a cov lviij ounces at vs xiiij11 xs — one gilte salte wth a cov xij ounces and a D at vs iij11 ijs vjd— one other white salte wthoute a cov ix ounces at iiijs viijd xlijs— one other new square salte gilte wth a cov xv ounces and I> at vs iijH xvij8 vjd — one drinckinge stoone potte wth a cov of sylver gilte and garnished xx8 — xiij sylver spones wth the image of God apon one of them and the imag^ of xij apostells apon the others xxiiij ounces at iiijs viijd v11 xijs —xij other spones xxij ounces and I> at vj3 vj11 xv8— xij other spones xv ounces at iiij8 viijd iij11 xs — one white peece viij ounces and D at iiijs viijd xxxix8 viijd Things in the hall and the pier a hanginge o9 the benche in the hall of reede and greene sey wth a covynge of reede sey for the benche vj3 A brasen candilsticke wth three lights in the hall ijs — a candill chiste iij8 — ij longe syttebordes one shortebord and iij formes ij8 viijd — in the pier ij carpett^ tapstree work viij8 viijd—a curten in the pier wyndowe of reede and greene seye ij8— ij cuppeberd covyng^ whereof the one tapstre worke and the other reede and greene seye vj8 — one longe bord one cuppe-bord one folden bord and iij formes ixs — xij cheris iiij8 Things in the kechyn and the larder vij brasse pott^ vjs viijd xlvj8 viijd — one caldroone of brasse xiijs iiijd — ij smale pannys ijs viijd — ij chafinge dishis ijs — a morter and a pestell v8 — one chawser [or chawferj for water ijs —ij frienge pannes xxd; v spitt^ x8 — ij pair of yrne galberts v8 — one brendirne vjs viijd — ij cressett(> and ij grydirnes iiijs — iiij paire of tonge and ij breede graters xxd — ij yrnes for the oven mouthe and a firefork ixd — a dressinge knyfe ij backinge knyves ij mynsinge knyves and three other smale knyves xiijd — one skymm9 one brasyn ladill one fleshe axe and one flesshook xvjd—xix broode pewter dishis xxvs iiijd — xviij narroo dishis xij8 — xij soosers and vj potingers vij8 — iij saltinge tubb? 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Edward T. and Wm Shakerley xx11 xvj8 ijd oft — behynd for turbarie in Wordley and Tyldisley xxvij8 vd ofc— Dette owinge by Thurstan T. esquier first to Elizabethe Leighe in thaccomplishement of the will of Gowther Leighe decessed xx11—to 1 4 Edward VI. Thomas Leyland esquier as aperethe by three severall obligacons C11 — to Katheren Monne as apereth by the dette booke of the saide Thurstan xvj11 xiij8 iiijd — to John Traves for blancke xxiij11 xijs iijd — to George Traves ut sup xx11 xjxs — to George Pendilton ut sup vj11 xs — to Nicholas Shawcrosse ut sup viij11 iijd — to George Kirk- bie xxvjs viijd— to my Lorde wch hathe beene recd for the creacion of his yerldoome for ij yeeris J-)11 — for rente of Burscoghe behynd xxjii vjs vjjjd — to my lord wch the saide Thurstan geve hym by a bill of his hand(> xvij11 vjs viijd. A true inventorie of all the goodes and cattells remeyninge at Myrescoghe and latelie pteyninge to Thurstan Tyldisley esquier made the iiijth of Julie anno Marie Regine primo &c. In draughte oxen x le peece xxxviij8 xixu — ij bulles xviij8 xxxvj8 — xviij kyne xviijs xvij11 ijs — in stalfedde oxen xlvjs viijd iiij11 xiij3 iiijd — oxen putte to feede at Sancte Elyn daie xiij xxxs xix11 xs — kyne putte to feede at the same tyme xj xxs xj11 — iiij milke heyfers xvjs iij11 iiijs — too oxe thrynters xxs xls — viij twynters xiij8 iiijd v11 vjs viijd — xxiiij stirks vjs viijd viij11 — v steers xxxs vij11 xs — xxj calff iij11 xs — ij workehorses iijs iiijd vjs viijd — one rydinge geldinge called Worsley liijs iiijd— one feele of iij yers age xxs — one feelie ij yers age xijs — one yerninge xiij3 iiijd — one other yerninge and one nagge xxxiijs iiijd — Beddinge in fetherbeddf x xvs vjd viju xvijs — in matressis vij vjs xiij8 — in bolster^ xjx iij8 lvij8— in pillowes xiiij xvd xvij8 vjd — in blanckett? xxxix ij8 iiijd iiij11 xjs — covlett(> xxxj iij8 iiijd v11 iij8 iiijd — one counterpointe tapstre work vj8 viijd — ij covyng^ reede seye vj8 — one coveringe greene sey iij8 iiijd — in the chamber beyond the chapell chambr one seller wth a tester painted worke wth curtens lynnyn cloothe iiij8 — in the same chamber one cuppebord wth a covinge blue cloothe ijd — in the same chamber ij paire of beddestock(> ijs — in the chapell chamber one seller and tester ye seller blue and greene sey and the tester painted work xijd Q — hangings for the same chamber painted work xijd — a cuppebord in the same chamber wth a covinge tapstre work iiijd—-ij paire of beddestocke in the same chamber ijs — in the greete chamber ov the halle one seller wth a tester and curtens for the same of reede and grene sey vjs viijd — hangings for the same chamber of reede and grene cloothe ijs viijd — a cuppebord wtb a covynge reede sey in the same chamber iiijd — one chiste in my Mr his clooset iijs viijd — iij" pair of beddestocke in the same chambr iiijs — in the entrie at the goinge into the greete chambr ij greete chiste xs —there reraeynethe in the garS ij newe standinge bedde ij trowkle bedde carved xls — in the chamber ov the kechyn one seller painted work and one cup-borde viijd — in the same chamber ij paire of beddestocke xxd—in the same chamber ov the larder one seller and tester wth curtens of dorneck vjd — one cuppebord wth ij pair of beddestocke in the same chamber xviijd — in the forther chamber in the garden one pair of beddestock^ xijd — in the nerer chamber in the garden iiij pair of beddestocke iiij8—in the chamber called Mr Rigmeydens chamber ij pair of beddestocke ijs—in the worke^vunt? chamber jx paire of bedde¬stocke vjs — in the chamber ov the brvvehowse ij paire of bedstock? xvjd — iiij quissions iiijs — viij cheris ijs viijd — one longe bord in the chamber oV the hall xd—Thing? in the hall hanging? for the hall painted work vs iiijd — one longe sytteborde one cuppebord and one forme ijs — Thinge in the pier hanging? for the pier painted work xiijs iiijd — one carpette iijs iiijd — one longe bord one cuppebord and one forme ijs — one coveringe for the same cupbord grene cloothe ijd — Thing? in my maistris closet xx broode platers xxxs — xij disshis of a lesser sorte xij8 — in naroo disshis vj iiijs — in broode dishis graven iiij iiij3 viijd — in naroo dishis graven xij x8 — in soosers graven xij iiijs — iiij other soosers xxd — iiij potingers ij8 — Thing? in the chapell a chalishe wth a patente xxs — one vestement iijs iiijd — one albe xxd — one ames and one stooale iiijd — one massebooke vjd — ij tapers and ij torchis ptelie brent one saincte Johns hedde xvjd — one altercloothe iiijd — one brasen bucket a pax a cruet a grete bell and a lesser bell and one gyrdle ijs viijd — Plato jx olde sylver spones 13s viijd xxj8— Things in the buttrie xij alestonndes xd xs — vj harelip for beere viijd iiijs — viij brasse candilsickQ iiij8 — one basson and ewer xxd — one voyder xvjd — one canne of wod jd — one lyverie potte ijd— one shavinge basson vjd — one glasse ijd — Thing? 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one muckehoke and ij pitche fork(? xvjd— ij jrne wedge and one framing saje xxd — Things in the kylne and garni iij grete arck(> viij8 xxiiij3 — ij wyn- dooshet^ xijd — xj seck^ vjs viijd — vj siffis vjd one heare ij8 viijd — Swyne vij hogge iiij8 xxviij8 — ij sowes viijs — one boore iiij8 — xiifj spennigc xvjd xviij8 viijd— Cornes of Myrescoghe and in other placf behynde Ribbill— in otes sawen at Mirescoghe xiiij acres xiij8 iiijd fxli vjs viijd — ij acres of barlie xx8 xl8 — ote unsold in Sawerbie berne xxvj siff(> iiij8 vJi iiij8 — xij mett(> of barlie in the same berne xjd xj8 — the cornes of Pulton solde and unsolde gj11 ixs viijd — xix stoone of wull wthin the same pishe iiij8 viijd iiij11 viij8 viijd — the cornes of Fyshewicke viij11 ixs iiijd — the cornes of Hale and Bethum vij11 iiijd — Behynde for the tithe cornes of Shinglehall late in the occupacion of Antonie Leyton lij8 vjd — Behynd for wull and lambe in Gosenargh pishe xlvij8 jd — the cornes of Litle Eccleston doe [SigllC(JJ Wiiim Keo^a amount to v]i xvj8 xd—the cornes of Esbrecke doe amount to xjli ixs