Anne Tyldesley -1556

Anne was the daughter of Thomas Tyldesley and Jane Birkenhead. Little is known of her life, but her will provides the names of her immediate family:

In the name of God Amen The xvjth day of October in the yere of or Lord God 1556 I Anne Tildisley of the pishe of Eccles the doughter of the late Thomas Tildisley esquire nowe deceassed beynge sicke in boddie and of good and pfett remembraunce do make my last will and testamet in man) and fourme followinge ffirst I bequethe my soull to Almightie God to or Ladie Saint Marie and to all the hollie cumpanye of heaven and my boddie to Christian buriall nere unto the place where my father lyethe in Eccles churche yard Itm I do aske forgyvenes of all the world and the creatures therin and I do also aske and requyre forgyvenes of all those that I have by any meanes trespassed or offended heretofore frelie forgyveynge all the world and all the creatures therin of all trespasses and faulte to me heretofore comiitted and done Itm whereas my graundfather Thurstan Tildesley esqer late deceassed hathe geven and bequethed as apperethe in one article or clause of his last will and testamet unto me xlii to be levied of his goods as far as his goods will extend and if his goods will not extend so farr then he willed that the said some of xlii' to be levied of his fermes of Mireschoghe Saurbie Gawsnarghe Pulton fferna and Fishwicke wthin iiijor yeres next after the day of his deathe towards my marriage wch said some of xlii and evy part and pcell therof I do frelie gyve and bequethe unto my welbeloved mother Jane Tildisley widdowe and to my brother Thurstan Tildisley esqer indifferentlie to be devyded betwene them two Itm I do geve &c. unto my mother Jane Tildisley widdowe on cowe and unto my cosin Elizabeth Worthington two partlett* the one wrought wth gold and the other wth silke And I do also geve &c. unto my two sisters Isabell Tildisley and Margaret Tildisley the resedue of myne apparell if my said mother therunto will consent Itm I do ordeyne constitute and make my welbeloved mother Jane Tildisley widdowe and my brother Thurstan Tildisley esquier my true and lawfull executors of this my last will and testamet unto whom I geve &c. the rescdue of all my goods unbequethed And I do require and most hartelie beseche my cosin Thurstan Parre to be the supvisor of this my last will and testamet as my espiall trust is he will so be Itm I will that my executors shall geve to evy on of my bretherne that is to say Hughe Tildisley Ric Tildisley to George Tildisley to Thom's Tildisley to Gilbte Tildisley and to James Tildisley and to evy of them xiijs iiijd a pece to be paid by the hands of my executors wthin two yeres next after my deceasse if my said executors wilbe pleased so to do In the presence of thes psons Jane Tildisley widdowe Thurstan Tildisley esqer Hughe Tildisley Alice Worthington Ric Tildisley George Tildisley Thomas Eccersall Willm Rothwell Roger Hodgekinson Thomas Sotherne wth others. Elizabeth I wearing a partlet 1572

*A partlet is an item of clothing which covers the chest and back and ties under the arms.





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