Thomas Tyldesley -1586

Thomas Tyldesley was the oldest son of Edward Tyldesley and Anne Leyland. He married Elizabeth Anderton, daughter of Christopher Anderton of Lostock. They had four children: Edward, Ann, Dorothy and Elizabeth.

Thomas Tyldesley predeceased his father, dying in 1586. His widow, Elizabeth, maintained the old faith. In 1590 she was noted as a recusant convict, and in 1591 a report to the Privy Council said of Thomas Tyldesley that:

his children and famylie are very greatelie corrupted, and fewe or none of them come to the churche.

The Tyldesley family was closely associated with Father Ambrose Barlow, who was to be proclaimed a saint by Pope Paul VI in 1970. He was apparently with Elizabeth Tyldesley at her death. She left a pension of £8 per year to a priest to take charge of poor Catholics in the area. Barlow was the beneficiary of this pension. He was to meet a grisly end, being hanged, dismembered, disembowelled, quartered, and boiled in tar in 1641 after having been seized at Morleys Hall.

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