Thurstan Tyldesley -1634

Thurstan Tyldesley was the son of Edward Tyldesley and Ann Leyland.

He married Mary Charnock, daughter of Robert Charnock. Thurstan and Mary had seven children:

  • Edward Tyldesley
  • Cuthbert Tyldesley
  • Jane Tyldesley
  • Richard Tyldesley
  • Thomas Tyldesley
  • William Tyldesley
  • Thurstan Tyldesley
  • Robert.Tyldesley

In 1618, Thurstan was living in Holborn - an entry in the domestic state papers reads:

Grant to Hector Johnston, king's servant, of the king's moiety of three several sums of £60 adjudged against Thurstan Tyldesley of St. Andrews, Holborn for not receiving the sacrament.

Thurstan died in 1634 and was buried at Garstang Church,. His widow, Mary, survived him for 5 years, and was buried there on 16 August 1639.