James Tyldesley 1719-1765

James Tyldesley was the son and heir of Edward Tyldesley. Born in 1719, he married Sarah Hayne on 11 December 1739. They had seven children:

  • Thomas Tyldesley born 1741
  • Jane Tyldesley 1742
  • Edward Tyldesley born 1744
  • Ann Catharine Tyldesley born 1746
  • Charles Tyldesley born 1747
  • James Tyldesley born 1749
  • Henry Tyldesley 1752

The family lived at Holcroft Hall.

In 1745 James Tyldesley took up arms for Bonnie Prince Charlie - as did Francis Townley, whose brother Richard Townley had been tried alongside Edward Tyldesley after the Rebellion of 1715. Ormerod relates a local tradition of:

James Tyldesley riding into Leigh, at the head of some of Prince Charles's adherents in the irruption of 1745.

James Tyldesley died in 1765, and Holcroft Hall was then sold.

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